Debit/Credit Card Customers


We have received several calls regarding conflicting charges made on your accounts. We would like to explain how your card works at any establishment that handles charges with associated tips. Anytime your card is used in a restaurant setting you are charged what is called a Tip Withholding which covers tips left on a debit or credit card. This is a common and accepted practice at restaurants, hotels and pre-pay gas stations where your total charges are not completed dependent on tips and gratuities. This process should be clearly explained in your cardholder agreement. When you present your card at the time payment is required, tip amounts can vary greatly dependent on the service and satisfaction with the dining experience. Therefore, your card issuer does a preauthorization allocation when your card is first swiped.

The preauthorization is for the subtotal of your bill and up to 25% for the tip. Once the customer has decided on their tip amount we enter that into the banking system prior to the close of business that day. The tip withholding charge should drop off of your account in two to three business days. Please keep in mind that online banking records are not in real time and may take up to three days before reflecting true charges. We do understand and sympathize with everyone that has encountered this problem or keeps a daily balance on their account as these banking practices make this virtually impossible. We at Shotgun Danís Pizza Inc. have no control over banking practices which vary greatly by institution. If this has become an issue for you please contact your bank or card issuer and inform them of your concerns. Again, we post tip amounts by the close of business every day to ensure that these preauthorized charges do not linger any longer than necessary. We are in no way trying to charge more than what you have authorized on your receipt. Furthermore, it is absolutely shameless how some banks have tried to portray merchants as being responsible for their policies. We are hopeful that this letter clarifies our position and the attendant card policies that have led to these problems. We do apologize if this has caused any confusion or issues with your account. As always, we are pleased that you have chosen to dine with us and hope to see you again soon.

Thank you,

Shotgun Danís Corporate

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