Way back in ’77, a straight shootin’ stagecoach team, seein’ as there was a better way to get around, decided they might oughta put their horses out to pasture and start doin’ somethin’ else for a livin’.  “Shotgun” Dan, having endured years of skimpy fixins and phony cheeses on his pizzas, suggested opening a restaurant offering pizza with great taste and a mother lode of toppings.

Now, Dan knew he was venturin’ into dangerous territory.  The high-falutin’ Pizza Barons had built their Huts and Inns everywhere, and the streets were crawlin’ with half-crazed pizza delivery folks wearin’ funny hats and lookin’ at their watches more than they did the road.  Still, our hero was steadfast and determined to offer great pizza at fair prices with extraordinary service.

After many gastronomical months of experimentin’, tastin’ and experimentin’ and tastin’ some more, he finally hit paydirt with the best pizza in the country!  The rest is history.

Shotgun Dan’s pizzas start off with a dough that’s strong enough to hold the abundance of fixins and then some.  Next, we add our sauce, mad of the finest tomatoes and spices available.  Then we pile on 100%, no-imitation mozzarella and top-notch produce ‘til we can’t see the sauce no more.

Since we put more into our pizzas, they prefer to spend more time in the oven.  That’s why your pizza takes just a little longer than the other places.  But we think you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait and that Shotgun Dan’s Pizza is where The Best Meets The West.  Enjoy!